Jan 10

Pregnant refugee delivers a baby soon after arrival.

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On Thursday, January the 8th 2015 Mayfa’a Center received a new batch of refugees and asylum seekers who arrived from Somalia, among the new arrivals a pregnant 33 year old Somalian women  in her final month of delivering the baby. After the procedures of registrations and preparations to transport to Kharaz Camp, The pregnant women …

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Dec 30

Food distribution in Hajja and Saada


The project started on August 2012, since then to the end of the current year, Food is distributed to the IDPs from Saada and Hajja in  seven different centers. The distribution covers around 19,700 families each month.

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Dec 13

Protection at sea conference in Geneva.

President of the Society for humanitarian solidarity Mr. Nasser Bajanoob attended the Conference in Geneva on the 10th and 11th December 2014, High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection at Sea which brought together over 300 representatives of governments, UN agencies, NGOs and experts to discuss possible responses. Their program included four components: plenary discussions, thematic breakout …

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Dec 08

SHS coastal patrols rescued 65 Migrants from drowning

The Efforts of the SHS Coastal Guards has successfully rescued New Arriving migrants reaching the coasts safely after running into trouble. The 66  immigrants have been pushed to the water by the smuggling boat captain which lead to the death of one of them (Somali Nationality, Mohammed Taher Abbi 15 years old). They were dropped some …

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Oct 31

NFI’s (Non Food Items) distribution in Mayfa’a


On Friday, 31st October 2014 Distribution of NFI’s was completed in Mayfa’a district in Shabwa governorate . The total families who benefited from this distribution were 3065 families. Each family benefited from the following items:  5 Mattresses,  5 blankets,a plastic sheet, a handmade mattress, one set of  kitchen  kit and a two plastic gallons. The process …

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Mar 26

SHS implements the emergency operation of food distribution in Al Dhale’e

According to our unlimited ambition to assist people who are in need  for that reason SHS has implemented the emergency operation of food distribution in Al Dhale’e governorate since 25th of March. Indeed the assistances are given by WFP which SHS already assigned as the implementing partners to running this project according to its vast …

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