Oct 06

Shelter Kits Distribution to Conflict Affected Population in Abyan Governorate


SHS has conducted shelter kits distribution project in Abyan governorate in both Khanfar and Zijbar districts, targeting the most affected people from war, donated and supplied by HNHCR and King Salman relief cente. The overall targeted HH were 500, 307 of them in Khanfar, 193 in Zinjbar. The project has helped those war affected people …

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Oct 02

Khormakser Directorate Honored SHS


Khormakser Directorate has honored SHS for their efforts and activities of the organization in humanitarian and relief areas, and the General Director of the Directorate Awad Mhbh said that honoring SHS in Aden comes as a generous gesture carried out by the leadership of the local authority in Khormakser about the work and activities during …

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Sep 20

Hadramout Governor meet SHS representatives


A meeting was held by Hadramout Governor Mr. Ahmed Saeed Bin Brik and SHS representatives, where they discuss the projects SHS has been implementing in Hadramout and give a small brief on their project for the rehabilitation of damaged houses affected by the war in Hadramout, where 330 Houses has been identified in this project …

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Sep 18

Training & Refreshment course on SHS Code Of Conduct


SHS has conducted a training course on their Code of conduct, targeting new employees and a number of other employees, in order to raise awareness and educate employees on the need to adhere to the code of conduct and SHS principles, the training were held by Ms. Sabah Mohammed – M&E Officer for SHS.

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Aug 11

SHS launch renovation project for Internal Displaced People’s Houses


In partnership with the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR), with the support of King Salman Center relief, SHS team launched renovation project for displaced people homes affected by war, in order to bring them back to their homes in Abyan, Hadramout, and Dalea. The project targeting the damaged houses affected by …

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Aug 10

SHS Concluded July Food Distribution.

En Temp

In partnership with WFP, SHS has concluded yesterday the distribution operation regarding July 2016 cycle in Shabwah & Al Dhale’e governorates. The total HHs was 34562 The items distributed was as follows: – Wheat 50 kg – Pulses 5 kg – WSB 10 kg – Salt 0.5 kg – sugar 2.5 kg – Date bar …

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