Oct 02

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Khormakser Directorate Honored SHS


Khormakser Directorate has honored SHS for their efforts and activities of the organization in humanitarian and relief areas, and the General Director of the Directorate Awad Mhbh said that honoring SHS in Aden comes as a generous gesture carried out by the leadership of the local authority in Khormakser about the work and activities during and after the period of war and had a positive presence in several areas and the activities of humanitarian, pointing out that this award is an appreciation and recognition of the role played by the SHS on the level of activities relief, and through this honor, convey a message to the organizations and institutions of civil society that the leadership of the directorate in Khor Maksar will save the active efforts and demonstrate all the difficulties for those who would service the community, expressing in conclusion his thanks and appreciation to the Manager of SHS Sheikh Nasser Bajnoob and all workers in organization. For his part, Omar Baawwadh SHS delegate expressed his thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the local authority in Khormakser and the role played by the great rendered especially after the war. SHS had undertaken, projects renovating homes affected citizens of the war and the distribution of different food aid is also currently working on the distribution of the share of food for the month of September in the general directorates of Aden, targeting 33,016 households.

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