Mar 30

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Visit of the World Food Program (WFP) to Ibb governorate



On Monday, 27/3/2017, Monitoring & Evaluation Team from the World Food Program (WFP) visited the governorate of Ibb . They were received by SHS team after communicating with them to coordinate their field visits to AL Nadra and Al Radma districts Where they were received by the local authority represented by the Secretary-General / Ahmed Mashreh and the Executive Office of the Directorate At the meeting, the Secretary General thanked the SHS for its great role and that it is one of the first Organization to enter AL Nadra , He spoke about the transparent and honest role played by the SHS in delivering aid to the beneficiaries. He commended the efforts of the field survey team in selecting targeted families and good coordination with the local authority On his part, Hamza Al-Junaid, WFP’s Program Assistant, thanked the SHS for efforts and praised the excellent coordination between them and the local authority to deliver aid materials to beneficiaries.


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