Aug 01

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July ,2017 Foodstuff distribution in Bayhan district


SHS is delivering relief with the help of the Alliance to the District of Bayhan, Shabwa Governorate

With the support of the World Food Organization (WFP), SHS has tried to deliver relief on a regular and monthly basis to the citizens of the Bayhan District, After the end of the siege for months to enter any aid to the district of Bayhan, Shabwa Governorate and succeeded today, corresponding to 30/7/2017 in the delivery of a convoy consisting of five locomotives carrying food for the District of Bayhan total number of 4,200 families and was in coordination with the Arab Alliance and in coordination with the commander of the brigade (21 Mika) Mr. Jahdal Hanash. and with generous efforts from the first agent of the Governorate of Shabwa Mr. Mohammed Saleh Adio and the National Committee in Behan, where these efforts culminated in the success of the convoy and the introduction and start the distribution of the District of Bayhan. The sand dunes were also removed with the help of the people of Bayhan.
The supervisor of SHS in Shabwa thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed and played a positive role to facilitate the entry of aid materials to citizens.

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