Feb 25

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SHS distribute food basket in four governorate funded by WFP – February 2018

65SHS launched the food basket distribution for poor people in Al-Dhale’a, Shabwa, Hajjah and Ibb governorates , the total beneficiaries is 110651 HHs in the target governorates.
The distribution started on the 19th February in Al-Dhale’a governorate targeting 36658 HHs. In Hajjah and Ibb governorates it started two days before, targeting 37764 HHs , 4698 HHs respectively and in the next few days will start the distribution in Shabwa governorate for 32629 HHs in all districts .
The distribution of this humanitarian aid comes from the Objectives of (SHS) which are: People have the right to humanitarian food assistance that ensures their survival and upholds their dignity, and the method of targeted food distribution is responsive, timely, transparent and safe, supports dignity.

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