May 08

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SHS distributes 3,188 food baskets in Ataq district – Shabwa governorate funded by WFP

With the increasing of conflicts in Yemen governorates people became in critical conditions and most of them need food specially the Vulnerable.
Relief organizations face many difficulties in reaching and delivering aid. However,SHS has been there for the IDPs that are in extreme need for relief aids each month. SHS launched food baskets distribution in Ataq district and Shabwa governorate. The total beneficiaries is 3188 HHs and in the next few days will start the distribution in other Shabwa districts for 32629 HHs in all governorate. Also the distribution in Hajjah, Ibb and Al-Dhale’a governorates was for 111743 HHs in the target governorates the basket consists of ( flour, Pulses , sugar and Veg. Oil ) .

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