Oct 21

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SHS takes preparations to cyclone Luban

Society for Humanitarian Solidarity (SHS) with a strong foundation of emergency preparedness and response options, has taken a responsive action towards the potential impact of the Cyclone Luban later downgraded to Tropical Storm. In fact as soon as the tropical storm was approaching to Yemen eastern coasts, SHS took first step in activating its emergency response team and alerting the field staff located to the areas expected to be hit by the tropical storms.
The SHS started preparing critical processes and operational services. Medical mobile teams located in nearby governorates were formed mobilized, emergency and shelter rescue teams put on standby near the expected areas of the cyclone in the governorates of Al Mahra, Hadramout, Shabwa and Socotra.
SHS has qualified and trained staff in the field of emergency rapid response intervention, relief and rescue. In fact, in the past has taken the lead in the rapid response intervention of Cyclone Chabala 2015 and carried relief operation and supported more than 11,500 affected people.Actions were included but not limited of distribution of relief items and materials, transporting and rescuing affected people from the disaster areas to safe areas using bulldozers and tractors as there were no other means to cross disaster zones.

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