SHS Training Workshop on the topic of Corruption/Fraud/Bribery

The Society for Humanitarian Solidarity (SHS) conducted a Training Workshop for staff based in the main office of Aden – 27 December 2018.
SHS conducted a Training Workshop on Corruption and Fraud to the staff at main Aden Office.
This mandatory training workshop was the first of its kind organized by SHS and its main goals were to:
• To create and increase awareness among the staff and management regarding breaches and fraud, and simultaneously, it was also intended to strengthening general internal control.

The participants benefitted as it was drawn the main/global definition of Corruption from the Corruption Watch and United Nations Convention Against Corruption

The Workshop was opened officially by the Head of SHS Admin & HR Mr. Ahmed Lamghood in Aden, 27 December 2018.
A total of 36 staff members based in SHS Aden main office attended the Training Workshop.
The Workshop had core dimension and strategic text analysis on:
• Why the Training Workshop on the topic of Corruption/fraud/bribery,
• Its definition and statement of the meaning and its forms
• How to identify
• How it affects us all
• How to stop it
• How to fight against it
The Workshop had a constructive and interacting debate on the subject matter.
The Workshop was actually carried out in an increasing interest of very active, highly motivated, mutually interactive and too demanding group of participants.

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