The Society for Humanitarian Solidarity Distributes 20 Whiteboards in Al Hudaydah to Enable Students to Continue their Education

In support of the importance of the progress of education in places affected by the ongoing conflict in Yemen, the SHS donated 20 whiteboards as a first batch to alternative places for schools in the Hudaydah Governorate, Al-Haimah and Al-Matinah District, which will help continue education for two thousand students.

Where the handover was attended by Mr. Ibrahim Agash, General Director of Education Office in Al Hudaydah Governorate, member of the local council in Al- Haimah, Mr. Ali Kaddaf, Amira Battah, and a member of the local council in the Matinah, Mr. Muhammad Hammoud Moheb

As well as the community committee, volunteer teachers and a number of social figures and the headmaster of Al-Ali Bin Al-Fakhr School in Al- Matinah, Mr. Ali Hammoud Moheb

During the distribution, the director of Al Hudaydah Education expressed his thanks to the SHS for its support in continuing the process Learning by submitting 20 white boards to 22 May school in Al- Haimah and Ali bin Al-Fakhr school in Matinah .Agash called on civil society organizations to focus their efforts in assisting the West Coast areas, as they are the most in need in the education sector.

Awad Hussein Ahmed, coordinator of the SHS in the West Coast, also supervised the distribution of the whiteboards

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