Precautionary Measures for The Distribution of Humanitarian Aid

Precautionary measures for the distribution of humanitarian aid

The SHS has issued a circular to the governors of the governorates, directorates and zones regarding the distribution of food and cash assistance provided by the World Food Program, which coincides with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in most countries of the world, and there is no way to fight it except with prevention and the fact that those who die in the world from hunger more than those who die from Corona , international organizations And governments decided not to stop the work of humanitarian organizations in light of the pandemic Covid 19 (Corona), while stressing the importance of establishing precautionary measures and procedures to prevent the epidemic and implementing them in FDPs and staff workplaces as of a March’s 2020 distributions which is: –

– Make a distribution schedule and divide the beneficiaries according to the villages, so as to reduce the crowding in the FDPs.

– Organize the process for the beneficiaries’s queues by placing ropes or tapes that separate the beneficiaries so that the distance is one meter between each beneficiary and another.

– Make local agreements to provide tanks and water, so that every beneficiary wash his hands with soap and water before entering the distribution queues.

– All staff at the centers are required to wear masks and hand gloves

– The distribution team from the supervisor to the guard makes awareness to the beneficiaries of the importance of preventing the epidemic by distributing brochures and discussion sessions with the beneficiaries.

– Activating the role of social figures and mosque imams in the process of educating the beneficiaries by involving them in the awareness process

– Reducing crowding in centers by raising a proposal to distribute some remote villages through delegates participating in their choice of the association and verifying that they received the materials after distribution, so that the number of cases represented by one delegate does not exceed 20 cases and by an official agency document

– In order to avoid the transmission of the epidemic via fingerprint, the fingerprint will be suspended in distribution centers and only photocopying the beneficiary’s documents,
The circular called on all the association’s employees to bear the humanitarian tasks and duties before them in these difficult circumstances the world is going through, including our country in delivering the assistance provided to the beneficiaries in all the projects that the association operates and stressed the work in the procedures that the circular included to prevent the epidemic and facilitate and ensure that all beneficiaries receive aid Owed to them.

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