Food Assistance to More Than One Hundred Thousand Families with Very Tight Safety Measures

With the support and funding of the World Food Organization, the SHS distributed the food ration for March 2020 to the poorest targeted families .
An official source in SHS explained that the association set strict precautionary measures in all distribution centers to prevent the pandemic of Covid 19 (Corona) by making the necessary measures to preserve prevention and avoiding crowd for the health of the association’s employees as well as the beneficiaries. The distribution setting was such an organized setting dividing the beneficiaries in order to reduce congestion and contacts.
The work was organized in reasonable queues and wearing masks to facilitate the procedural for disbursing materials and to ensure that all beneficiaries receive the assistance safely and sound due to them.
During the distribution periods, a team of the association’s staff delivered awareness to the beneficiaries of the new pandemic, Corona-Virus and on how to prevent it.
The distribution of foodstuffs by the SHS comes in light of the exceptional conditions in the country resulting from fast spreading of the Corona virus in worldwide.
Luckily, with the exception of very few countries like Yemen, which stemming from its global leadership’s awareness of the difficult living situation of the affected families benefiting from this humanitarian assistance, which is the only source of living for their lives.
It is the goal that led the association’s leadership to direct all its employees/staff in all distribution sites/centers in the governorates of Ad Dhale, Taiz, Al-Hudeidah, and Ibb, and likened it to distributing 110,737 thousand humanitarian association’s to the targeted governorates and its districts.

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