SHS Continues to Distribute Food Basket In Ad Dhale

SHS Al Dhale team, is still continuing the Humanitarian Duty Initiative and providing urgent assistance to those recently affected by the rains that have occurred in various areas of the governorate through disembarkation and field survey of the various displacement camps and areas in the departments of Al Dhale
The urgent food basket provided by the SHS for the affected was presented by the association’s field team in Al-Dhale Governorate and targeted several camps including the Black Punch camp and the two camps of Glass and Al Asqa under the supervision of the association’s administration in Al Dhale and in the presence of the Deputy Governor Nabil Afif and some social figures in the region

It is worth to mention that the distribution of the urgent food basket was carried out under strict precautionary measures by the field solidarity team after the Ministry of Health announced confirmed cases of infection with COVID-19 virus in Aden and the commitment of the relief staff to wear a muzzle and a medical gloves and provide educational guidance to the beneficiaries of the risks of the Corona epidemic through the health staff in SHS, which accompanied the distribution process and stressed the imperative prevention of the epidemic
Targeting humanitarian solidarity for camps for the displaced and the continuation of its various relief programs in the light of these difficult circumstances, especially after the presence of certain cases about the Corona virus in the country and the synchronization of the flood disaster and the outbreak of the virus with Ramadan emphasizes the primacy of the SHS and its leadership in the relief work under various conditions and overcome challenges And the field risks facing the work team in an extremely difficult and complex environment.

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