SHS provides aid to those affected by the floods in Gyailah

In response to the distress call made by the local authority and the people of Shabwa governorate to international and humanitarian organizations to provide aid and assistance to the families affected by the floods and torrential floods that took place in the district made in Radhum District of Shabwa Governorate, SHS sent a rapid response team headed by Mr. Salem Hussein, director of the SHS office in Shabwa to assess the extent of the damage caused For the heavy rains that hit Gyailah place. As a result of this, the SHS provided relief baskets to 56 of the affected families. Each basket consists of a men’s bag, a women’s bag, household utensils, shovel

and a bucket.

In other side , the beneficiaries of aid in the Radoum expressed their gratitude to SHS for their quick response to their calls, and bypassing all obstacles to reach their stricken areas, touching their needs and alleviating their suffering.

Mr. Salem Hussein confirmed that the SHS team is still doing work to monitor the extent of the damage in order to reach the affected families and do what is necessary to help them.

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