Detailed Training Course on Virus Covid-19 (Corona) in Socotra

The SHS conducted a training course for 20 trainees on the Infection, protection and Control (IPC) of Virus Covid-19 (Corona) in Socotra – Nujd and klansia center
The main objective of the course was to explain the information, methods, guidelines and standards that enable employees/staff to protect themselves, their families and colleagues, as well as the community surrounding them from this pandemic by knowing its transmission and prevention methods to be safe.

Intension was that the information and concepts that were widely disseminated inaccurate by unreliable sources and social media.
During the training sessions, criteria and measures that must be followed by the association were identified with the staff working in the office or when implementing activities and services for the patients
in the field.
Therefore, staff would be able to continue perform their humanitarian work and at the same time, prevent the spread of the epidemic disease.
Dr. Khadija Saeed and Dr. Zainab Hussein Al Saadi also detailed the composition of the virus, and its calamity within its widely fastly spreading.
The Doctor further elaborated mainly the issue of prevention, and stressed ways to put precautionary measures in the field. On opening the discussions regarding the mechanism of work in the Association and measures that should be followed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and The patients
that we serve in general.

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