Detailed Training Course on Virus Covid-19 (Corona) in The School Kitchen for The Second Day

Society for Humanitarian Solidarity completed the training for the second batch for the employees and workers of the school health kitchen, in which the number of participants was about 35 employees of the school feeding project and the training was about how to take the precautions and procedures to confront Corona virus

The Training aimed is:

  1. Explain the information, methods and standards that enable us to protect ourselves, families, colleagues, as well as our community, from this epidemic by knowing the ways of its transmission and ways to prevent it.
  2. Correcting some information and misconceptions concepts from unreliable sources and social media, and then identifying reliable sources.
  3. Determine the systemic standards and measures that must be followed by the association and by the workers, whether during work in the office or when implementing field activities and services for the beneficiaries, so that we continue to perform our humanitarian work and at the same time prevent the spread of the epidemic while providing humanitarian services.

Dr. Mona Mohamed, a from SHS, focused on adopting personal hygiene and everything related to work practices in the healthy kitchen, through educational and practical videos showing the way the virus spreads, methods of washing hands and using masks correctly.

Mr. Fadl Al-Saeedi, the nutrition and awareness officer in the project, gave a detailed explanation of ways to prevent corona virus by raising the body’s immunity by eating healthy, beneficial foods and focusing on some special vitamins such as vitamin C and E. He also set the standards and measures that will be followed by the employees and workers in the kitchen and stressed the concern and focus on personal and general hygiene in the kitchen in order to produce a healthy meal and work in an environment free from pollution

Ms. Mona Al-Basha from the Program Department at the WFP finished the session by stressing the points that were explained during the session and urging the employees to follow the steps presented when the employee feels any symptom of the disease and warned them not to be complacent and notify them when exposed to any symptom in order to avoid the spread of the disease to protect themselves And protect the people around them from the virus.


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