Converting Food Aid into Cash in Al Dhale’e and Shabwah

Within the framework of the efforts made by the SHS that aimed to facilitate the easy delivery of the humanitarian aid provided by the WFP to the beneficiaries in the governorates of Al-Dhale’e and Shabwah, the Society is working hard to accelerate the practical steps to complete the necessary procedures to convert food aid into cash, starting from the current month of October in Al Dhale’e and in Shabwah next November.
A responsible source in SHS clear that the goal of converting food aid into cash ,is to give the beneficiaries the right to make decisions regarding their needs , And alleviate the trouble of receiving food stuffs from distribution centers,and transporting them to their areas of residence, and receiving them in cash from the nearest Al-Karimi exchange center instead of receiving specific materials that may not be suitable for some beneficiaries.
The number of beneficiaries of the humanitarian aid provided by the WFP in Al Dhale’e is 32108 and in Shabwah 31697

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