Letter from GM

The main aim of creating a website for Society for Humanitarian Solidarity (SHS) in the internet is to clarify SHS activities and to communicate with the public in home and abroad to raise awareness about the importance of charitable work and the needs of the people for it, and we believe in the importance of the role of civil society organizations in providing assistance and improving the living conditions of people, wherever they are and whatever are their nationalities.

The Human Has Dignity; No One May Insult His Dignity.

The poverty and need may insult his dignity, and this is what civil society organizations is seeking to control, through the fight against poverty and help the needy and orphans, and to support education, health and other means which elevates the human and reserves his dignity and ensures getting a good life under the society solidarity.

We welcome the proposals and recommendations that will raise charitable work; to reach strong and effective work we could guarantee to continue our noble message for humanity.

We hope from the depths of our hearts the success for each civil society organizations inside and outside Yemen.


Best Regards

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