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UNHCR Project

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Coastal Patrols in Gulf of Aden

Coastal patrols being established considering what refugees suffer after reaching Yemeni coasts from long waiting until our staff reach them to help and give all kinds of protection, it covers coasts in coordination with security and military authorities, and fishermen spreads along coasts so all coasts being covered from east of Shoqura to west of …

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Kharaz Refugees Camp

Towards a decent life and reserved rights for all refugees in Yemen and inside refugee camps, Society for Humanitarian Solidarity SHS contributed towards accomplish the goals sought by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR to achieve it for refugees along with local and international humanitarian organizations, the society have begun its contribution in …

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Refugees Reception Centers

Mayfa’a Reception Center MRC –Shabwa Mayfa’a Reception Center is located in Yemen, Shabwa governorate 420 Kilo meter east from Aden city. Its estimated area 13 thousand square meters; it contains temporary shelters for new arrivals, small clinic and offices for other organization working in the center. Mayfa’a Reception Center is accommodate to receive 800 new …

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Society of Humanitarian Solidarity contributes in resettle refugee’s project, where it coordinates their transportation and settlement in a country other than the original country of refuge (Yemen) to be their second home. SHS transports the candidate’s refugees for resettlement from Kharaz camp or from Basateen to Sana’a, where interviews are made there by the High …

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