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Building Schools

Society for Humanitarian Solidarity is keen to support education as the first step to building a modern Yemeni society, where it has completed several successful projects supporting education over the past years:

1 –  Radwm School –Shabwa Governorate

SHS submitted a request to the UNHCR to build a school in Radwm Directorate when she saw a need for the region as a consequence of the increasing number of students.

Six classrooms have been built with its annexes in 2003 funded by UNHCR.

2- Radfan School – Aden Governorate

Radfan School in Sheikh Othman – Aden Was renovated in 2005, 16 classes with its annexes were restored funded by the U.S. embassy.

3 –Al Jouf School – Al Jouf Governorate

In 2007 SHS has built a wall and jabion (Cliff flood defenses) as a protection for Al Wahda school in Al Hazam area, also 14 classrooms were renovated in the school.

4 – Hail Girls School – Marib Governorate
SHS has built six new Classes in Hail girls school, also 18 classes were renovated in Marib’s administrative compound in 2008.

5 – Wadi Obeida School – Marib Governorate
SHS work on building eight classrooms with its annexes in Wadi Obeida -Marib governorate funded by the U.S. embassy, this project was completed in 2008.

6 – Khawla Girls School – Aden Governorate

In 2009 at Khawla school in Al Basateen area, SHS worked on the restoration of doors and windows of the old classrooms, also restored the protections of the classrooms and a basketball playground.

7 – Boys School – Aden Governorate
SHS has built in 2009 four classrooms in the boys school in Al Basateen, also a kitchen and an oven were built to feed the students in the school funded by the European Union.

8 – Al  Shaimaa School – Hodeidah Governorate
SHS has built   six new classrooms and a hall , in Al Shaimaa school, Hodeidah Governorate in 2009 and also renovated  of 52 classrooms, this project was funded by the U.S. embassy.

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