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Helping IDPs

Hadramout Floods Relief 2008:

Believing in providing relief and assistance to people in need in any place, Society for Humanitarian Solidarity SHS went immediately after the disaster of Hadramawt floods in 2008 and formed a team of 16 members lead by the President of the Society to relief the affected people there.
The team participated in several tasks; it counted the affected people, supervised the transport of relief materials and deposits it in the stores.

Then the distribution of relief materials has begun in Hadhramaut supervised by SHS, where a number of 3462 families had benefited from the relief materials been distributed which vary between tents, blankets, kitchen blankets and other which provided by the High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR.
Also 497 of affected families had benefited from this relief materials in Al Mahra governorate.
UNICEF also contributed in providing a number of relief items which distributed by SHS on 2500 family.


Hadramaut Floods Relief Aid"

Relief of Bani Al Dhafeer village 2006

Embodiment the permanent and ongoing attendance of Society for humanitarian Solidarity in disasters relief where it is found, SHS quick attendance to relief Bani Al Dhafeer in January 2006 has a great impact and comfort the bereaved families, extending to them a helping hand at the right time.

The village received relief more than 15 tons of food and non food items, which more than 200 families benefited there.

SHS was the first society who reached this village from the southern regions and the only society from Shabwa governorate.

The materials that been distributed were mattress, blankets, rice, sugar, oil.

The convoy of aid headed under the leadership of General Secretary of SHS, and in full coordination with the Ministry of social Affairs and Labor, as well as local committees formed to receive donations.

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