SHS Projects

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Helping IDPs

Hadramout Floods Relief 2008: Believing in providing relief and assistance to people in need in any place, Society for Humanitarian Solidarity SHS went immediately after the disaster of Hadramawt floods in 2008 and formed a team of 16 members lead by the President of the Society to relief the affected people there. The team participated …

SHS Help for Refugees

SHS Help for Yemenis

Sponsoring Orphans

Besides being the UNHCR Executing Partner, SHS doing its humanitarian role towards orphans by sponsoring 38 family from refugees orphans residing in the camp, through giving them Monthly financial incentives ranges between 2000-3000 Yemeni riyals for every family. The Society is working hard to find donations from good deeds lovers and the charity societies to …

UNHCR Project