16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

In the occasion of 16 days of activities against violence against women, from 25 November-10 December,SHS participated in a celebration of activities held in KHARAZ camp. The attendance was from all the refugees in the camp, the representative of the UNHCR office and representatives of other humanitarian organizations. SHS expresses in the celebration the rejection …

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Distributing Eid Sacrifices

Annually, Society for Humanitarian Solidarity is seeking to find helps (aids) and donations for Kharaz refugees during the Eid period by providing Eid sacrifices from charity societies inside and outside Yemen, so the refugees can live Eid happiness and its ceremonies in the camp through slaughtering sacrifices and distribute sacrifices meat to every family in …

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Training workshop for SHS Staff

SHS is Keen to qualify its employees and provide them the skills they need to do their job as best as possible. In 11/7/2010 a training workshop was accomplished for 12 of SHS employees from different fields about using the e-mail in official correspondences at work, the training period were in morning and afternoon. The …

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World Refugee Day 2010

World Refugee Day has a special importance in the hearts of the refugees, because it reminds them that they are away from home, SHS keen to entertain refugees and celebrate with them in this day each year in coordination with the UNHCR the High Commissioner for Refugees and other organizations in Kharaz camp. On June …

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SHS Celebrates the Woman International Day 8 March 2010

Every year, SHS Participate in all activities in KHARAZ camp. In the international women day 8th of March 2010, All SHS staff, UNHCR staff, and other humanitarian organizations working in the camp celebrated with refugees and refugee women in this event. The attendance was great, Audience celebrate the woman as a mother, a wife, a …

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Training of Al Amal Charitable Society

Upon the request of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), during the month of December 2009, SHS held a training course for Al-Amal’s society staff – a charity non-governmental partner of UNHCR- this training was during Al Amal Society visit to Yemeni displacement areas as a result of wars in Saada. The aim of the …

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